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&lt,em&gt,She started a quest to free mankind from the departed angels&rsquo, dogma. Instead, she delivered mankind for judgment.&lt,/em&gt,The awakened angels took no time in reasserting themselves as the dominant species in the universe. As galactic powers vie for control of the angels&rsquo, battleship, the angels show them how inferior human technology is. As Rachel Jordan looks on helplessly, furious angels take out their wrath on the sinful human empires that sprang up in their absence.The only ones spared the angel&rsquo,s judgment? The Redeemers.Rachel doesn&rsquo,t want to live in a universe where those zealots are the standard of piety. But how can she defeat an enemy that ruled humankind with iron wings for millennia?&lt,em&gt,Wrath of Angels&lt,/em&gt, is the fourth book of &lt,em&gt,Sins of Angels&lt,/em&gt,, an epic space opera series set 3000 years after the fall of Earth. With the scope of &lt,em&gt,Dune&lt,/em&gt, and the adventurous spirit of &lt,em&gt,Indiana Jones&lt,/em&gt,, &lt,em&gt,Sins of Angels&lt,/em&gt, delivers a conflict that spans galaxies and rests on the spirit of a single brave researcher. Follow the complete saga, and watch as the fate of our species hangs in the balance._,
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