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ISBN: 9781646064267 Géneros: Sinópsis: Tired of the lies and intrigues of the south Llorc  returns to his northern homeland He finds a country ravaged by plague and beset by strife For a fearsome berserker known as the Reiver has seized the Iron Crown and the Eight Clans stand poised on the brink of civil war Llorc must guide a group of refugees through an increasingly hostile land where ancient legends come to life and the old ways challenge the new He may even have to face the gods themselves to save his people Stirring Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Robert E Howard Great books One of the better ConannotConan series Poyton does a much better job of nailing the Howardian vibe than most who have tried  Deuce Richardson Great pulpy sword and sorcery fun in the vein of Robert Howard or Fritz Leiber Looking forward to the next in the series  Really enjoyed this it39s a good old fashioned sword and sorcery tale Plenty of adventure battle and political intrigue to keep the pace going from start to end Very enjoyable    Amazon reviews Wolf in Shadows
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