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ISBN: 9781644921302 Géneros: Sinópsis: Everyone agrees that people who have a passion for what they do excel at what they do Too many people are settling for good enough A tiny minority of individuals who perform with PASSION©Many speakers and writers have spoken and written about passion Few if any have explained it so that anyone at any level can learn about passion and apply it to everything they doHere are some feedback from people who have been exposed to the content of this bookThe PASSION© Workshop I feel is needed at every place of business if nothing else than as a morale booster The PASSION© Workshop covered all of the key elements that can help us to take a step back from the normal monotony in our jobs and to be more appreciative for what we have versus what we don39t have If any employee takes at least one thing away from a training then it39s a success I39m happy to have taken away a handful of things in which I will utilize in my daytoday job along with my outside life as wellThis program leads guides and directs the steps to be selfmotivated for a vision of successI like my job but this will help me to love itEvery step and action that was discussed can be used immediately I feel a program like this can be very beneficial to any individual working on any level within a company 
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