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Being a pastor’s wife isn’t as glamorous as some people may believe Of course there are the rewarding parts marriage kids friends church serving those in need prayer encouragement and opportunities to lead ­ en there are the challenging parts marriage kids friends church serving those in need legalism gossip living in a glass house and depressionI’ve been a pastor’s wife for over 27 years and I’ve experienced both the rewarding and challenging aspects of my role In the midst of difficult times I would often reflect on the situation and ask myself the question Where was God when that happened Even though I didn’t sense His presence during many of the difficult times and situations He was there I was never aloneWhere was God is a book that shares my story of finding God’s grace in my journey as a pastor’s wife If you are a pastor’s wife I hope this book can encourage you to know you are not alone in the struggle If you’re not a pastor’s wife I hope this book will lead you to empathize with and support the pastor’s wife in your life No matter what you are going through or how you feel know that God is with you in your journey He has a plan for everything that happens Trust in Him and He will see you through
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