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Sinopsis de WESSEX TALES
ISBN: 9786059654142 Géneros: Sinópsis: Wessex Tales is a collection of tales written by English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy many of which are set before Hardy’s birth in 1840 Through them Thomas Hardy talks about nineteenth century marriage grammar class status how men and women were viewed medical diseases and moreIn 1888 Wessex Tales contained only five stories ‘The Three Strangers’ ‘The Withered Arm’ ‘FellowTownsmen’ ‘Interlopers at the Knap’ and ‘The Distracted Preacher’ all published first in periodicals For the 1896 reprinting Hardy added An Imaginative Woman but in 1912 moved this to another collection Life’s Little Ironies while at the same time transferring two stories – A Tradition of Eighteen Hundred and Four and The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion – from Life’s Little Ironies to Wessex Tales
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