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Sinopsis de WCOM
A wormhole casting a malicious pall over a once normal life A secret safe haven for those seeking shelter from deadly superbugs Billionaires greedily latching onto money making schemes at the crux of the new millennium A resource for the truth behind September 11th 2001 A massive multiplayer game that takes cute fairy tales to the dark dangerous level A website that brings your written fantasies to lifebut are they the fantasies you really want The mysterious offering of a life that answers the question whyand the dangerous actions that must precede this lifeSeven writers dive into their own interpretation of the world of WcomMaybe you’ll log off maybe you won’tFeatured ContributorsTodd Salvia Joshua Williams E W Farnsworth Erin Darby Gesell Kyra Leroux Luis Manuel Torres and Aspen Beaulieu  
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Novela contemporánea

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