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Sinopsis de VESSA SI CAU
This story is an allegory, an abstract drawing that stretches and shrinks in time of characters who live, revive, dream and fall. Zoe knows. Like so many others, she has come to this world to spend a few moments in a deep and slow sigh, observing reality as an unfinished process by nature that slides between complex gazes. A wandering identity that fails to retain the desire for the present, and that is confronted with language, images, loneliness and fear.

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Vessa si cau is a work born in a pandemic circumstance that collects reflections in a confined mind, a chain of decontextualized situations, contemporary buckets and weak humans. The luthier, the Virgin, the beast, light, love or the absurd are part of this visual and poetic imaginary that takes shape in these testimonial pages. A multifaceted document that investigates the fragile truths, or that connects and provokes the reader with an emotion that buries the story.

Zoe, run away now that you can!
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