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Sinopsis de VERIDICAL

Veridical, is a philosophical science fiction account involving mans self-destruction due to greed, hostility, and his ambition to rule the world without discretion. With no winners as a result of annihilating the human race, the planet Earth becomes void of all living organisms and profanely sterile. Many eons later, two space travelers, Jetson, and Wilkes, from a distant planet called Urosius alight upon the barren, globe once teeming with intelligent life only to discover its infertility and fruitless landscape. After probing for any sign of life, intellectual or even basal, the Uronians finally discover one isolated seed identical to the nucleolus of their own world. Although fictional, Veridical could possibly become reality in the not too distant future unless mankind alters its rational! Veridical, takes the reader across the parameters of infinite space in a futile attempt to discover life, aside from a yet, un-interpretable second universe before returning home, only to learn of the annihilation of their own species._,
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