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ISBN: 9781948140423 Géneros: Sinópsis: After drowning his soul in blood can this alien warrior be savedAs the only doctor on Aveyn Ava works day and night for the people she considers hers Only… she’s not really one of them is she She’s a hybrid a highly illegal creature created by Trade Minister Knut for his personal enjoyment And she risks a fate worse than death if her existence is ever discovered by Prime Councilor Aav the most powerful Matriarch in the RingWhen a tall arrogant sapphire blue alien comes to Aveyn it’s not long before headstrong Ava gets in trouble with him – the new Eok warrior in chargeArlen wants nothing to do with his new assignment on Aveyn All he wants is to return to the violence at the Frontier and drown his broken heart in bloodshed But he made a deal with his brother the CommanderinChief of the Eok armies a year of peace for a year of combat So Arlen comes to Aveyn fully intent on ruling all those who live there with an iron fist…… all except a troublesome gorgeous female whose purple eyes haunt his dreams When the Mating Venom pushes him to the edge of madness can Arlen learn to trust in his heart again or is his soul lost to the bloodlustPublisher’s Note While this is the third book in the bestselling Eok Warriors series it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone  
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