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Sinopsis de VAHLARON

After the earth was created, the first creatures to inhabit it were magical. From the tiny Fairies with their unique magical abilities to the mighty Dragons that soared through the sky. They were all looked after by a race of creatures called Celtlandians. The Celtlandians were charged with guiding the magical creatures and insuring that each race thrived and that the planet remained peaceful. That was until the Great Creator decided to introduce a new race of creatures to the planet. This race was to be called Humans. The Celtlandians were told by the Great Creator not to interfere with the progress of the Humans. Things remained peaceful for a time. Then the Humans started to multiply rapidly. They also became aggressive toward the magical creatures killing many of them. The magical creatures were peaceful and their numbers started to dwindle. The Celtlandians were powerless. They had great magical abilities and could destroy the Human plague but were told by their creator not to interfere. As the magical creatures numbers got smaller, the Humans still multiplied as they ravaged the land. When it seemed like the Great Creator had abandoned them the Celtlandians decided to take matters into their own hands. They took as many of the young magical creatures as they could and set out across the ocean. They looked to find a land where the Humans had never inhabited. They had to insure the safety of the small numbers of creatures that they brought with them. They found a large island that they would call their new home. This realm would be called Vahlaron. The Celtlandians cast a charm over the island so that it could not be seen by any outside creatures. Vahlaron remained peaceful and safe for many generations until one day a man and his wife accidentally crashed on the shores of this enchanted land. The Celtlandians knew that this would eventually happen and now they had a decision to make. What would they do with the Humans? Would they allow them to stay knowing
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