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Sinopsis de TWO RUT ROAD

Follow the lives of two kindred spirits as they&rsquo,re pulled from a perfect Realm known as Peace Place, and forced to do time on a planet called Earth. Watch them grope their way through the consequences of their desperate efforts to minimize their suffering and plod through the confusion and pain they find inherent in life on Earth.Live through young Wiggins Sinclair&rsquo,s experiences during his time on Two Rut Road and its unforgettable aftermath. Take a ride down that same road with Jill Temple to see what her grandmother calls, disorderly happenings in broad daylight.Learn how and why Jill ended up creating havoc in her attempt to better Wiggins&rsquo, life. Understand her motivation in planning her education and career to help those fighting strong and harmful urges and to challenge her parent&rsquo,s opposing professional beliefs. Then be rewarded with a journey to the Adirondack Mountains.Decide for yourself what value, if any, there was in their being sentenced to do time on Earth, among participants forced to live in vastly unequal and hurtful circumstances. Enjoying this fastmoving novel will cause you to question Life&rsquo,s Great Experiment, as you laugh and maybe even cry on your trip down Two Rut Road.Cover design
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