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Sinopsis de TWO COINS
ISBN: 9780996384544 Géneros: Sinópsis: The Great Scandal of British CalcuttaIt39s 1883 and newspapers are flying off the shelves in Calcutta Edinburgh and London Mary Pigot lady superintendent of the Scottish Female Mission in Calcutta has been charged by The Reverend William Hastie with mismanagement and immorality and she39s fighting backAfter ten years of hard work growing the mission raising funds and educating women Mary39s career is now in ruins With nothing to lose she takes her case to the Calcutta High Court and sues Hastie for malicious libel A woman publicly suing a man It39s just the type of scandal that sells lots of newspapersBased on actual events Two Coins takes readers into Justice William Norris39 steamy courtroom in the middle of monsoon season The scandal engulfs the entire missionary community destroying almost everyone involved Will Mary prevail
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