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Sinopsis de TUROKS GIFT
John Jensen Greenberg is no ordinary child. Frozen in a block of ice for thousands of years, he was found as an infant in a state of suspended animation and brought back to life by two scientists. But John has no idea of his true origin. At the age of thirteen, John decides that he wants to find a way to reach the stars, but realizes that he needs something more powerful than the rocket principle. When he is only seventeen years old, he discovers a way to achieve his goal. His invention sparks an arms buildup that threatens to overwhelm the worlds balance of military power. As a result, an all-out spy network is launched to uncover the secrets behind this new technology. When John discovers the truth of his birth, his world collapses. Given his unique talents and physical differences, he doubts his humanity. Threatened by failure, treachery, and human shortcomings, John must learn to deal with both the dark and light side of human relationships. But will he find peace amidst a worldwide struggle?_,
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