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Sinopsis de TULU GOES HOME
ISBN: 9780997796933 Géneros: Sinópsis: A tiny forest owl is being released back into the wild  Tulu39s wing has healed and she is finally ready to face the world as she leaves the Raptor Center  Life has been pretty cushy for this pampered owl at the Raptor Center where it39s always warm and mice are plentiful  But now it39s time to say goodbye Tulu is back in her big forest and things couldn39t be more perfect The full moon surrounds her as she sits on her perch waiting patiently  The fun mouse hunt is about to begin It should be a cinch for a forest owl to spot a mouse at night right  WRONG With the help of a new friend a beloved old friend and a woodpecker Tulu rediscovers the confidence and skills she once had to survive in the wild  There really is no place like home 
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