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Sinopsis de THE ZOUAVE
ISBN: 9781937650988 Géneros: Sinópsis: Good wars are few Most are pure folly including the Falkland Islands War which Jorge Borges likened to two bald men fighting over a comb The UK in recession and downsizing expressed willingness to part with its relic of empire in the distant South Atlantic but not at the expense of the Scottish and Welsh islanders who’d eked out an existence over a span of 150 years That was the big sticking point The Argentines meanwhile fervently believed they had a Godgiven right to the islands four hundred miles from their shores It didn’t matter that they already had plenty of barren windswept underpopulated land in Patagonia or that the islanders would become citizens of a country ruled by military dictators who’d imprisoned tortured and disappeared thousands of innocent people Instead after seventeen years of fruitless negotiations junta members thought a little war could rally nationalistic fervor cast them as heroes and distract from the country’s ongoing economic hardship corruption and carnage When in 1980 a small cabal of navy brass begins preparing for an invasion a critically important element in their secret plan inadvertently surfaces in a most unlikely place the village of Eygalieres in southern France That’s where exspy former schoolmaster journalist and painter Charlie Baker and his devoted companion Sadie Winthrop just happen to be hiding out after a close scrape with terrorists as told in The Scam Artist The Other Bosch Hoping for peace and solitude beneath the warm sun of Provence they instead find themselves helping a trusted friend who at great personal risk refuses to accept the inevitability of war Caleb Bach’s third novel in the Rio de la Plata Trilogy tells his story and that of the mysterious title fi gure who bravely fights his own internal battles In stirring fashion The Zouave Madness in the Southlands melds history intrigue romance and art to create an unusually compelling tale
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