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Earth’,s future is one of peace. There are no more wars, nuclear weapons are outlawed, and technology is raising mankind to new heights. Many cities are now underground. Alain von Bek is a bastard of distinguished lineage working an unassuming job with city administration in the underground city of Switzerland. But with the appearance of a massive clownish figure calling himself the Fireclown, Alain’,s life and the course of Earth’,s future are both about to change.The Fireclown claims to hold the keys to mankind’,s salvation. He carries an undeniable charisma that is winning him followers, chief among them Helen Curtis, Alain’,s cousin and former lover, not to mention serious candidate in the next presidential election. But there are also those who mistrust the Fireclown. At the forefront of this opposition is Minister Simon von Bek, Alain’,s grandfather, and Helen’,s chief competition in the forthcoming election.Gradually, Alain finds himself sucked into a game of chess between these three polarizing forces, but each new revelation raises new questions, about his past and that of the world’,s future. He will have to put his trust in someone, and time is running out&mdash,for him and the world&mdash,to make the right choice in this story of Michael Moorcock’,s celebrated multiverse.Michael Moorcock has been inducted in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers or America, and received the Lifetime Achievement World Fantasy, Bram Stoker, and Prix Utopiales Awards. The Winds of Limbo is one of his earlier novels, now back in print for a new generation._,
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