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If you want to discover the captivating history of the Victorian Era then keep readingWhen Queen Victoria stepped onto the throne of Great Britain and Ireland in 1837 gone were the days when the monarch had supreme authority over the kingdom Victoria ruled at the head of a government with which she was meant to converse debate and ultimately guide and it was a job she sometimes struggled to perform Victoria described herself as an emotional creature and blamed her gender for what she believed were her shortcomings as a monarchThe queen suffered emotionally during her childhood and also in the early part of her rule but despite a few dramatic scandals at court Victoria came to be loved and respected by the majority of her subjects across the vast British Empire An unprecedented number of important social and economic changes occurred during Victoria’s 63year reign and that span of time has come to signify Britain’s coming of age into modern history One of the most important changes experienced by Great Britain between 1837 and 1901 was the population explosion When Victoria was crowned there were about 139 million Britons by the time she died there were an estimated 325 million The sharp increase has been related to modernized methods of medical treatment sanitation and social welfare but each of those industries was far from perfection during the 19th century Nevertheless the birth rate increased and the mortality rate fell In The Victorian Era A Captivating Guide to the Life of Queen Victoria and an Era in the History of the United Kingdom Known for Its HierarchyBased Social Order you will discover topics such as An Unexpected Heiress The Accession A Palace A Groom and Two Scandals Rats Fleas and Other Victorian Pests The Cholera Epidemic of 18461860 The Sanitation Revolution A Queen in Mourning Anatomy Medicine and the Body Snatchers Frankenstein Horror and Science Fiction Egyptomania Scientific Racism and the Suez Canal Cults and the Church of
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