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Sinopsis de THE TRUTH BIRD
 The Truth Bird is a science fiction tale of two teenage boys Sam and David who were born with special powers one of which is the gift of flying through space in their dreams One day during a flight they meet the star god Giorgio who befriends them and gives them the gift of physical flight He also gives them bracelets to communicate with him and tells them that they will be called upon one day to be of serviceBecause of the division and political chaos on Earth Giorgio is commissioned by heaven to help solve some of the problems and calls the boys in to help Giorgio himself is an elected official in the alien community which consists primarily of greys buzzards and bigfoots Dealing with his own political spin in space his goal is to change the catastrophic course Earth is on because not only does he believe it’s the right thing if he succeeds he will get the funding he needs for his space infrastructure projectThe boys then kick off a truth campaign and attempt to get a health care bill passed by pulling off a Watergatetype of caper assisted by Giorgio from the star castle While discussing the mission’s outcome they mull over ideas on how to address global warming which also affects the alien community Based on an offthecuff comment by David’s father they hatch a bizarre plan to combat the propaganda campaign against global warming put out by Fox News Because of all the media spinning that has metastasized during the Trump administration Giorgio brings the Truth Bird out of retirement to help in the effort 
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