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Sinopsis de THE SOUL NOTE
It was the summer of ’71 A time of muscle cars long chromed choppers bellbottom blue jean girls and great rock music The country was still simmering from the aftermath of the turbulent sixties and the influential excesses of a rebellious Woodstock generation had filtered down to an impressionable small town America Jack Dean had it all youth good looks football star – even the beautiful Spanish exchange student For Jack and his buddies life is grand Then in a heartbeat or a quarter beat it was all gone It was the music then that pulled Jack through and lured him away to a promising future Now years later at the top of his game as a successful radio executive on a mission to keep the classic rock music of his youth out on the airwaves alive and well he realizes he’s been running on empty way too long and that something is missing in his life He resolves to find out what it is and get it back good or bad come what may He knows he’s opening up old wounds that had been left to fester and in doing so he may bleed out all over his past But it’s a risk he’s willing to take a risk he knows he needs to take After all there had always been a price to pay It was just the cover charge the price of admission But had it cost him his soul And what will it take for him to get it back It’s the siren call of that same music now that wills him back back to where it had all been so good… and so bad Back to the flashpoint back to the Note – The Soul Note 
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