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Welcome to the universe of Galactic Dreams where fairy tales are reimagined for a new agethe future Galactic Dreams is a unique series of sciencefiction novellas from Blue Zephyr Press featuring retellings of classic tales from different authors all sharing the same universe technology and history  The Seventh Swan inspired by The Six Swans is a 2019 Book Excellence Award Finalist in the Adventure category Keelia Black of the Swan Clan and her six brothers have always been able to conquer anything but when they land on a desolate asteroid base they find themselves facing a foe unlike anything they’ve ever encountered  Fang Nazari rogue weapons developer and undisputed queen of the asteroid holds her stepson Jericho and five other prisoners hostageforcing them to dig for an ancient artifact buried at the asteroids core  Keelia and her brothers are quick to stage an escape but when the brothers flee the asteroid they are forced to leave Keelia behind And as Fang holds Keelia in silent captivity Keelia realizes that there is more to Fang’s madness than a simple thirst for power  Fang is under the sway of a malevolent force that endangers not just Keelia and Jericho but the lives of everyone in the galaxy As the Swan Clan searches for her Keelia Jericho and the other prisoners must risk their lives to not only free themselves but prevent a primordial evil from escaping 
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