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The Revolution is not for the faint of heartNo revolution is easy but with our learners’ futures at risk the stakes in education have never been higher To ensure that our learners are prepared to respond to and solve the complex problems they will face in this age of information and innovation we must make our schools relevant challenging and inviting Education needs a revolutionIn The Revolution Middle School Principals Darren Ellwein and Derek McCoy call out the stagnant practices and irrelevant mindsets that prevent our learners from thriving in the modern world More importantly they lead the charge for change by identifying ways that passionate forwardthinking educators can inspire globally connected cultures of innovation and creativity Join the movement Become a revolutionry educator  The Revolution is a compelling call for all of our schools to changeand to do what children need nowBarbara Bray author speaker blogger and host of the Rethinking Learning podcast The authors write from a place of deep credibility and anchor their aspirational message in very real terms This book will be a juggernaut in leading school changeBrad Gustafson EdD awardwinning principal author and speaker Darren and Derek provide an honest account of the joys struggles moral mandates and challenges of revolutionizing education to better serve all childrenYong Zhao Foundation Distinguished Professor University of Kansas and author of Reach for Greatness Filled with practical examples and personal anecdotes this book will push you to reimagine how schools can look for all learnersJimmy Casas educator author and speaker
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