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ISBN: 9780997569223 Géneros: Sinópsis: Meek Kolair nearly died in the mountains quickly ending his dream to make a new life with Nora They had followed the promise of charismatic industrialist Jean Batsu to find prosperity and opportunity on the far side of the world’s tallest mountain Unable to reach the other side they escaped death by finding a paradise nestled in the middle of the mountain range A settlement rises up and nearly a hundred pilgrims work to create their society of progressLoto Meek’s challenging brother convinces the pair to take a quick expedition to survey the exquisite valley Lord Batsu puts young Martouk in charge of the two a relief to one brother and an insult to the other Nora hates seeing Meek go despite a promise to return quickly merely a simple journey across their newfound paradiseTensions between the three young men quickly swell despite the idyllic setting they travel through Petty differences become larger threats when they finally reach the southern end of the valley A massive shadowy forest hides the deepest part of the valley but on a journey of discovery there is no halt of progress On the other side the deepest truth of the valley waits to meet them
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