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ISBN: 9780960025336 Géneros: Sinópsis: Harry Brown carelessly throws a rock at a tree and causes a bluebirds nest to fall He rushes to find help to put the nest back on the tree brunch Harry’s mother carefully puts the nest back and then they watch as a mommy blue bird sits happily on her eggs Harry needs to be reminded to be more mindful when he plays His mother tells him a story about the importance of being thoughtful to others Once upon a time she began in the enchanted fairy woodland lived the Whirlythirly creatures One day the Queen of the fairies watched as the Whirlythirly creatures throw acorns at young trees because they want to see the magical trees change color The Queen knew the Whirlythirlies had a big lesson to learn NOT to hurt others with careless actions Mrs Plum a wise fairy came up with a plan to change the Whirlythirly behavior She assigned the young fairies to plant a mindful seed back into the Whirlythirlies Periwinkle a young fairy uses a powerful mindful seed to connect a whirlythirly and a tree Each feels the magic of the mindful seed and begins to understand the importance of thoughtful actions Harry’s mom finishes the story Harry now understands when he is more careful he is more mindful of those around him This is a must read fairytale for young children A delightful story with a magical lesson about being Mindful An enchanting picture book with fairies and mindfulness as its main theme Enchanting words and story by Linda Appleby Whimsical illustrations by Zoe Saunders
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