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ISBN: 9781732308558 Géneros: Sinópsis: The Millennial Factor 10Steps To Managing Millennials To SuccessAlthough there are several books on Millennials there are few if any that  define exact steps for business success The Millennial Factor is for millennials and business leaders to be successful with the new skills millennials bring to the workforce The millennial workforce is taking over in businesses today in all levels of the workplace With this workforce comes a change in dynamics on what motivates them and drives them to success In this book the author will address the misperceptions of millennials and why they exist how the digital age and fastmoving technology changes as well as impacts this environment and how and why great leaders earn trust and loyalty that drive success with this workforce The author provides a step by step implementation that has proven successful as well as reallife case studies of resultsMark Villareal demonstrates leadership skills at a level that is seldom seen but easily taught His communication transparency accountability vision and personal  interest in our development drove our loyalty to the highest level I began working for Mark when I was 20 years old and was able to purchase my first home at the age of 23 Thanks to the lifelong skills he taught me I was able to secure a sixfigure incomeearning career by the time I reached 25 Thanks Mark Joshua Hyde Millennial EmployeeMark Villareal led the team that I worked on with profound insight to how Millenials functioned and flourished in the work environment Our team was a mixture of older and younger Millenials But he worked with us as individuals so that we could grow as a highly successful team In this newest book of his he shares his insight and wisdom so that others may also create a thriving workforce  I can39t recommend it enough Emily Terrell Millennial EmployeeWith Mark’s guidance and leadership I was able to see past the standards set by your everyday
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