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ISBN: 9781609441388 Géneros: Sinópsis: Born of Earth parents Raised on Mercury Mercenary on Mars and Venus Warrior of the Solar System For hours the hardpressed beast had fled across the Martian desert with its dark rider Now it was spent It faltered and broke stride and when the rider cursed and dug his heels into the scaly sides the brute only turned its head and hissed at him It stumbled on a few more paces into the lee of a sandhill and there it stopped crouching down in the dustEric John Stark is Leigh Brackett’s darkskinned freedom fighter a relentless hero who clashed with armies and rulers sorcerers and ghosts survived myriad hellish landscapes and deadlystrange beasts across an exotic and dangerous solar systemThe Mercurian collects three of Eric John Stark’s earliest Planetary Adventures Queen of the Martian Catacombs Black Amazon of Mars and Enchantress of Venus
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