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ISBN: 9781733034128 Géneros: Sinópsis: Rise of the EmpireNot too long ago it seemed as though the Western Kingdom had finally won the Thousand Years’ War against the Empire of MasksThey were wrongRising like a phoenix after decades of brutal insurgency broke the Royal occupation the Empire is stronger than ever and hellbent on revenge  Now the Emperor has unleashed his forces in a lightning campaign shattering the Kingdom’s defenses in an avalanche of fire and steel  The Royal Army mobilizes as the Kingdom’s future hangs in the balance Sophia Rose is a young soldier in a reserve unit from the idyllic town of Jade Falls  It’s almost unheardof to see a girl in the infantry but in the reserves and with her father being their First Sergeant well there’s actually nothing in the regulations against it  She joined the Army to spend time with her father and her friends and she’ll be marching with them into the inferno of warPrincess Arilin Wehrherz is a dutiful and strongwilled girl second in line to the Kingdom’s throne  After waving goodbye to her older brother as he departed for the front with his regiment she asked her father if she could accompany the Army herself  He told her to find a capable chaperone and stay out of danger and he probably didn’t expect her to do exactly that  War is full of surprises though and her little adventure might turn out to be more dangerous and more important than anyone could have expectedAbout the AuthorTyler Weaver spent nine years serving as an officer in the United States Army’s Field Artillery  Originally from Upstate New York he has served across the world and is a veteran of the war against ISIS
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