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ISBN: 9781525539145 Géneros: Sinópsis: Anna Wick isnt your average 12 year old girl Maybe thats because of her capabilities that seem almost magical or maybe its because of her strength after the accidental fire that left her orphaned Maybe its the unbelievable size of her big heart or the secret of her origin that must be revealed You will come to know Anna Wick as an adolescent to cheer for admire and respect A role model for young female readersStanding in the smoky remains of her childhood home a mysteriously kind woman lends out a helping hand promising safety and shelter Against her better judgment Anna accepts the invitation and is whisked away to a fantastical hidden island far away There she has difficult tasks to achieve and very little time With a queasy stomach unstable legs and a broken heart Anna faces many obstacles including a ravenous war prison escapees and a secret about her that will change her life forever She learns unforgettable secrets from the least likely people and faces things she never thought possible All in this compelling heart warming tale about a young girl with a big heart and even bigger obstaclesStay tuned for Anna Wicks next adventure of finding her magic within
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the magic within-9781525539145


Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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