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Zane Grey original name Pearl Grey born Jan 31 1872 Zanesville Ohio USdied Oct 23 1939 Altadena Calif prolific writer whose romantic novels of the American West largely created a new literary genre the westernTrained as a dentist Grey practiced in New York City from 1898 to 1904 when he published privately a novel of pioneer life Betty Zane based on an ancestor’s journal Deciding to abandon dentistry for fulltime writing he published in 1905 The Spirit of the Borderalso based on Zane’s noteswhich became a bestseller Grey subsequently wrote more than 80 books a number of which were published posthumously more than 50 were in print in the last quarter of the 20th century The novel Riders of the Purple Sage 1912 was the most popular others included The Lone Star Ranger 1915 The UP Trail 1918 Call of the Canyon 1924 and Code of the West 1934 Prominent among his nonfiction works is Tales of Fishing 1925 britannicacomThe more books Grey sold the more the established critics such as Heywood Broun and Burton Rascoe attacked him They claimed his depictions of the West were too fanciful too violent and not faithful to the moral realities of the frontier They thought his characters unrealistic and much largerthanlife Broun stated that the substance of any two Zane Grey books could be written upon the back of a postage stampT K Whipple praised a typical Grey novel as a modern version of the ancient Beowulf saga a battle of passions with one another and with the will a struggle of love and hate or remorse and revenge of blood lust honor friendship anger griefall of a grand scale and all incalculable and mysterious But he also criticized Grey39s writing His style for example has the stiffness which comes from an imperfect mastery of the medium It lacks fluency and facilityGrey based his work in his own varied firsthand experience supported by careful notetaking and considerable research Despite his great popular success and fortune Grey read the reviews and sometimes became
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