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ISBN: 9781788601146 Género: Sinópsis: lpglemgWith contributions by Veronica Munro, Richard Haggerty, Shirley Attenborough, Dan Newby, David Ross, Colin D. Smith and Aidan Tod.anbsp;l/emgl/pglpglemgaquot;An excellent methodology overview and expert resource for the experienced executive coach. A stimulating introduction to new approaches, developed and mastered by world leading coaches.aquot; – Andrew Green, Partner, Gallup.lbr /g anbsp;aquot;An immensely practical insight into first-class coaching skills. A must read for all professional coaches looking to perfect their technique.aquot; – Nigel Jeremy, Chief Learning Officer, British Airwaysanbsp;lbr /g aquot;Elegantly written, simple to follow and apply… the coacharsquo;s swiss-army knife.aquot; – Perry Timms Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of People aamp; Transformational HR (PTHR).l/emgl/pglpgLeaders and organisations at the top of their game seek coaches who work at the top of theirs. They value experts with proven track records, who can give them a decisive edge, and enable them to conquer the most seemingly intransigent obstacles, which enable them to transform who they are as well as the people around them.l/pglpgThis book takes you on a series of inspiring journeys deep within yourself, and within your coaching clients. Each contributor shares hard-won secrets, models and practices that areanbsp;lemgproven acceleratorsl/emganbsp;to transform the results any coach (or leader who needs to influence others) can achieve at the highest levels within organisations, teams and society: results that are sustainable and put you, and your clients, at the top of their game.l/pglpgThis is a pragmatic, practical book for coaches and leaders. A select group of international executive coaches who support leaders to transform their businesses, lives and relationships reveal some of their most advanced coaching models and strategies.l/pglpgEach contributor has a particular expertise that they share. Areas inclu
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the journey inside-9781788601146


Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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