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ISBN: 9781532636240 Géneros: Sinópsis: In The Irrational Jesus Leading the Fully Human Church Ken EversHood explored how our predictable irrationality can trip us up and how we can adjust for biases But irrationality isnt all bad Leaders who live in their heads will never connect deeply with the hearts of those they serve Because we are like small rational riders astride enormous emotional elephants leaders must learn how to sing to elephants even as they speak to riders In The Irrational David The Power of Poetic Leadership Ken invites you to sing Through his work with poet David Whyte Ken explores poetic leadership in King David a fully human irrational leader who knew how to stir people with song In four sections The Irrational David observes King David the believer the beloved the beautiful mess and the brokenhearted Offering his own poetry as a lens Ken enters into scripture and creates a conversation between the spoken word and sacred text Discover how irrationality and poetry can prepare us for the real conversations for which our communities are so hungry Find new layers of meaning in familiar Scriptures And welcome a fellow traveler into your life who has found strength through vulnerability and is willing to share his journey on the beautiful and messy road of faith with you EversHood invites us into a powerful series of intertwining reflections on Scripture poetry ministry and faith This book is a refreshing read for pastors looking to revitalize their ministry by reminding us all that we are not just brains that ponder logically but feeling creatures trying to move through a confounding world Also the lay person will find a refreshing imagination around what it means to see faith as a gift of grace not an achievement of certainty Eric Barreto Associate Professor of New Testament Princeton Theological Seminary Through personal storytelling poetry and reflections on the stories of our faith Ken gives us a model for how to organize ou
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