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There have been so many deaths at this massive old flooded quarry over the years they’ve nicknamed it ‘The Incident Pit’ The bottom of it has never been reached and so there’s an obsession by divers to be the first to get there And as the authorities threaten to close the dive site for good this obsession is intensified as the chance to be the conqueror of the Pit is gone forever In the wake of the death of its latest victim Rob views are polarised in the club Fiona now plans to give up diving altogether but Martin is more determined than ever to be that conqueror But as everyone refuses to go with him he is forced the consider breaking the hallowed diving rule never dive aloneFiona and Martin argue furiously about what counts as bravery and what as recklessness When does ambition turn into suicide But undeterred Martin carries on After all he argues what’s the point of living if we don’t take risks And so he plans his dive and a whole new adventure begins
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