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Pianist Garreth Llewelyn has a hairtrigger imagination It helps him lead his audiences into amazing realms His mesmerizing improvisations engage listeners39 senses in incredible waysGarreth is the bestknown pianist in the world but he39s struggling to balance his music with his complicated personal life His romantic relationships are becoming difficult His authoritarian father and his envious brother are making it hard to have close family tiesA noted writer following Garreth from concert to concert is preparing the definitive biography But his questions stir up things Garreth hasn39t wanted to face Is his music some form of escape Is he hypnotizing his listenersGarreth has other questions for himself Why is he haunted by a menacing image from his childhood Why do ancient stone cairns inhabit his thoughts What is his music with its increasing synesthesia trying to tell himAnd most important what can he do to achieve more with his lifeThe Improviser takes you around the world from Machu Picchu to northern Manitoba from Istanbul to Wales from the Sistine Chapel to the White House And it takes you into the imagination of a musical genius into a captivating place where illusion and reality intertwine
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