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ISBN: 9781789556834 Géneros: Sinópsis: The hypnotic touch the dark side of life follows on from book one which is The hypnotic touchThe story develops into a whole new world for Harry Hart Harry is the main character in this story of hypnosis suggestion and manipulative control of people’s minds Harry learned and then developed a powerful form of hypnosis once he had heightened his skills making him a competent exponent of hypnosis and hypnotic induction he became a powerful force in the field of hypnotic therapy and NLP Neuro linguistic ProgrammingAs his skills and his business grew so did his reputation He quickly but invisibly became known to certain government agencies these people live in the world of spying and subversive operationsHarry was approached by them to help in a groundbreaking project which was heavily based on the need for an expert in hypnosis to support develop and lead the way in a project which will ultimately protect the UK and indeed the world from terrorism and the people behind these evil actsHarry Hart left his business behind him in the very capable hands of one of the women that he loved while he pursued the possibility of taking his exceptional skills in hypnosis to the highest level of control and power that he could never have dreamed possibleHarry Hart was now working for the UK government in a secret place in London and he was about to be the creator and expeditor of the most powerful form of hypnotic induction that had ever been used beforeHarry was going to use hypnosis to kill terrorists however the way this process develops is beyond all reasonable and indeed natural thoughts even the legality of what he was about to do was in questionHarry Hart was going to become the terrorist killer using the only weapon he had at his disposal which was hypnosis and the power of his superior subliminal instructions and mind control skills
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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