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The diagnosis of a chronic illness can separate a person’s timeline into two spaces  the before and the after the onset of the diseaseFor this author it is Parkinson’s Disease  The disease has been with her for 20 years  For the first few years the relationship between her and Parkinson’s remains moderate  But the symptoms gradually become worse  And the battle begins  Her psychoanalytic practice has to close  Patients are referred to colleagues Her days and nights consist of dualistic power battles of feelings of resignation or of enduring the hours when her body freezes and she becomes a statue at the mercy of Parkinson’s DiseaseThis book is a descriptive narrative of the reshaping of this state through learning an  unfamiliar pattern of relating through acquiring a consciousnessand an experience of an intimate autonomy From the initial port of a relating pattern with Parkinson’s Disease consisting of the usual fight flight freeze or the book’s new ‘fall’ structural methodology the author takes off on a voyage harboring cryptic intimations about being with an illness about a less ego accentuated interacting  This remarkable transmutation happens gradually  A remolding takes place during the course of an eight year journey  The nucleus of this book is a descriptive narrative of this journey of a voyage to the paradoxical space of an intimate autonomyEven though The Hiss of Hope is about living with a chronic disease the book does not dwell on a life of suffering and desperation but rather it also depicts the adventure leading to places to encounters and to depths of experience that would not have been possible without first having been ambushed by Parkinson’s Today’s Zeitgeist seems to be pregnant with dark and fearful hints of impending disasters This book suggests an intimate autonomy as a culturally integrable relating pattern to cope with life in the first half of the 21st century And with deathWith a grateful nod to Parkinson�
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