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Its been over three hundred years since the forest had spread across the world. Three hundred years since the moon had been cut by an ancient weapon. Three hundred years since the fall of civilization. Ruins buried in the thick canvas of green paint a long history of human arrogance and atrocity. Chimeras thrive in the harsh forest, and humans are genetically enhanced, but for the crimes against Mother, their abilities come with a price that can be paid only in the weight of their lives. A devastating attack on their kingdom has ripped unlikely allies from their life-threatening defects of genetic engineering. Led by Marcus and Scott of the Gewehr Walzer territory, the survivors of the Dragonnaire, Boltier and Old Guard territories are cast into the lush world of their ancestors. These common foes with a rich history of war are in search of their advanced adversaries. Within the ancient forest, these broken, genetically flawed individuals find more questions than answers. Just when the ancient roads are lost in the forest, the group comes across the princess of the Inheritors of the Earth. She offers them salvation for their loyalty and their aid in finding the future of their ancestors genetic experimentations. With the possibility of a life without their genetically engineered flaws, will the group persevere through their hard-fought hatred and save themselves and this advanced society? Or will they allow themselves to live as their ancestors created them-meek and unworthy of a future?_,
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