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PRODIGY DESERTER COMMANDER At 22 Commander Ellen Ryu is a little young to be retired Yet she’s plannedand bled inmore battles than veterans twice her age And well she didn’t exactly retire so much as desert Betrayed by her superiors turned into a science experiment and nearly driven insane Ellen seized the chance for freedom when a shadowy organization offered her a ship of her own and an elite allfemale crew She39s got a new mission now get revenge on the scientist who almost destroyed her Nobody is going to get in her way this time Especially not the merc who39s just shown up at her cargo hatch looking to hitch a ride MERCENARY CONVICT RENEGADE In the middle of an op gone wrong cyborg mercenary Kael Sidassian gets stuck with a mission he can39t refuse carry a capsule to safety the contents of which would bring the galaxy down on his head if anyone knew what was inside But he’s also got damaged hardware in his head and a plan to escape from the barbaric merc company that forcibly conscripted him over a decade ago So when a humanitarian ship grants him passage he thanks his lucky stars for a job that39ll solve all his problems at once That is if the attachment he’s forming to the ship’s commanderone that goes way beyond duty and loyaltydoesn’t get in the way As a new threat rises the prodigy and the renegade discover far more in common than they ever thought possible Now both their missions will have to wait because if they aren39t audacious enough to work together they39ll never survive what39s coming for them For lovers of romantic space opera Lois McMaster Bujold and David Weber THE EMPRESS CAPSULE is the first volume in the new Audacity series
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Narrativa española

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