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ISBN: 9781942762683 Géneros: Sinópsis: For decades starting in the 1950s Raymond Patriarca ran the New England Mafia out of a storefront in Providence Rhode Island By 1980 he was seventytwo years old and suffering from diabetes and heart disease One night in December of that year his life intersected with that of Dr Barbara Roberts a thirtysixyear old single mother of three who was the first female cardiologist to practice in Rhode Island Asked by Raymond’s family to check on him after he was arrested on capital charges Barbaraa naive Alice in Wonderlandentered a lookingglass world populated by pitfalls moral ambiguities and dangers for which her devout upbringing had not prepared her How did a former Catholic schoolgirl from a workingclass family become the physician and defender of one Mafioso and the mistress of another How did her children handle these scandalous associations and the resulting hostile publicityand what were the reactions of their fathers   Expanding on the story first told in the popular Crimetown podcast this memoir is a tale of motherhood political activism controversy heartbreak and survival it traces one woman’s trajectory against the backdrop of America’s 20th century upheavals
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