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Sinopsis de THE CALL
ISBN: 9781770531888 Géneros: Sinópsis: Dirty dangerous pristine and opulent welcome to West MarqueThe sun is slowly setting on the golden age of chivalry in West Marque The kings are gone replaced by Marshals The ‘knights of the realm’ – the Fifth Wheel no longer wear suits of armor or carry gilded swords They wear badges and carry guns on their hips Their old enemies the Dead Priests are ghosts of the pastJohn Gray a member of the order of the Fifth Wheel is hard on the heels of the nefarious gambler James Gallant However his pursuit is interrupted when unexplained orders arrive summoning him to Jonah’s Sword for an Oath SwearingThat Call marks the dawn of a new conflict for the High Seat of West Marque a conflict that threatens to awaken the ghosts of the past and mark the end of the Order of the Fifth Wheel
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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