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Sea monsters. Shipwrecks. Marine Archaeology. Atlantis. Treasure. Secrets. Love. Abandonment. Envy between brothers. The difficulties of a famous, adventurer father, distraught over the deaths of his wife and son, to mend a tortured relationship with his daughter.The Awakening Sea is a thrilling science adventure series with a strong ocean conservation message. It comes to life with 20 full-color, hand-painted illustrations.The first book of the series, called Layla begins with a series of attacks in the pristine waters near tiny Pacific Beach, California. The residents are preparing for summer tourists, and insist the sharks be destroyed. But with 750,000 undiscovered species in the oceans, and the seas barren because of overfishing and pollution, could the source of the attacks be something more mysterious, more dangerous than a Great White shark?Ethereal, beautiful, but shy Layla Harrington moves to Pacific Beach to reunite with her estranged father, Dr. Jack Harrington, a once-famous wreck diver and Marine Archaeologist. Jack is a broken man, obsessed with finding the lost continent of Atlantis.Layla enrolls at the local college and meets Noah, a mysterious boy who seems more comfortable in the ocean than on land. Sensitive and kind, Noah sees something in Layla—strength, and a magical connection to the sea. Yet, there is another in Noah&rsquo,s life, his brother, Luke, who covets what Noah has.When horrific attacks on swimmers, fishermen, and tourists escalate, Jack&rsquo,s obsession with Atlantis is rekindled.Noah, Luke and Layla face great danger as they are pulled into discovering the source of the attacks, in the deep blue waters surrounding the remote Channel Islands. Is the ocean a terrifying place to be conquered and feared, or will Layla discover her true self in The Awakening Sea? &nbsp,_,
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