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ISBN: 9780473480011 Géneros: Sinópsis: Have you ever questioned why you do things the way you do Have you wondered why most churches meet on Sunday and not Saturday as the Jews do Have you read the Bible and wondered how some of the things we celebrate or do are not mentioned in thereOver the past 4 years or so Tamara Lancastle has been taken by God on a journey of coming back to HIS ways as commanded in His Word  She is not the only one  It is time more Christians question the status quo and start obeying Yahweh39s God Word  For Yeshua Jesus said that if we love Him then we will obey His commandsIn this book The Ancient Way Tamara takes us through the Scriptures and explains what we should be doing and how some traditions have crept into our way of thinking that is contrary to what God39s Word saysIf you39re willing to be challenged and willing to walk the ancient way then this book is a mustread Jeremiah 616 This is what the Lord saysStand at the crossroads and look     ask for the ancient paths ask where the good way is and walk in it     and you will find rest for your souls     But you said ‘We will not walk in it’Don39t be one of those who chooses not to walk in God39s appointed ways
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