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Bring a Higher Level of Compassion to Your Teaching Academicrelated anxiety is common in highachieving and struggling classrooms alike So how can teachers calm students’ fears and empower them as learners Educator Stacey Roshan found the answer with technology In Tech with Heart Stacey shares that the fight to be first the pressure to be right and the stress surrounding test scores were just a few of the many reasons she chose to flip her class Creating interactive video lessons for students to watch at home and shifting inclass time to focus on student needs discussion and collaborative practice allows you to Create more time for oneonone interaction with students Quickly see where students are struggling Give all students even introverts and those who need more time to process the opportunity to share their voice and show their learning Using technology in the classroom isn’t just about automation Tech with Heart shows you how to use edtech tools to humanize modern learning and help all learners to thrive   In a society that focuses on speed to the detriment of deep learning Stacey offers proof that slowing down can help us create meaningful connections and draw out the best in our learners Thomas C Murray director of innovation Future Ready Schools As an organization pushing schools and districts to further refine their vision for personalization we are excited to have a book focused on humanizing the way teachers and students use technology in classrooms Shawn Rubin chief education officer Highlander Institute Stacey’s book amazed me It’s chockfull of innovative ideas for amplifying and engaging ALL our learners Joey Taralson director of community Microsoft
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