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Do you have what it takes to survive the classroom apocalypse The modern educational system is in a state of crisis plagued by a virus characterized by excessive standardized testing antiquated approaches to education and expectations that value compliance and accountability over innovation and student engagement Classroom teachers are at the battlefront fighting hard to save their students from an educational world on the brink of disasterIn Teachingland authors and educators Amanda Fox and Mary Ellen Weeks outline the rules for survival including the mindset remedy and planning guide you need to weather the classroom apocalypse Taking a cue from pop culture the authors offer an engaging humorous and courageous look at the gruesome reality of education They identify the threats and offer a plan of action to help educators overcome the odds From this guide you’ll learn The 13 rules for surviving the classroom apocalypse What and who the real threats are How to find the support and information you need How to prepare for the challenges you’ll face What you can do to resurrect real learning in your school No educator is immune but with TeachingLand as your guide you can survive the classroom apocalypse   Whether you39re an educator in the traditional classroom or an instructor in corporate training you and your students will benefit from the unconventional strategies and tactics this book offers to navigate the darkness of antiquated educational practices and emerge into the light of an improved pedagogy Mat Chacon CEO Doghead Simulations We are too serious about education But it39s a serious businessliterally saving lives What Amanda Fox and Mary Ellen Weeks have done with the pure fun of applying the zombie genre to education is nothing short of brilliance Jon Corippo executive director of CUE and author of The EduProtocol Field Guide   A unique approach to professional development that stands out from every other teaching book I’ve read Essent
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