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ISBN: 9781532675409 Géneros: Sinópsis: Talking about Jesus story with others is designed to be a joyproducing experience for his followers not to mention those hearing his story Unfortunately the prospect of talking about Jesus story strikes fear into the hearts of many believers Whether theyre afraid of saying something wrong about their Lord or fearful of rejection the anxiety of legions of Christfollowers over mentioning Jesus in conversation leads them to avoid an experience that is meant to create glad hearts all around Talking about Jesus Discovering the Joy of Sharing Jesus Story helps to instill confidence in seizing opportunities to introduce Jesus story into conversations in natural and healthy ways This brief approachable resource helps believers to develop a simple framework that increases their comfort level in the joyful mission of sharing a little of Jesus story Along the way readers will learn some important teachings concerning Christ that will delight their hearts Its harder than ever to talk about Christianity The word means so many opposite things to different people But that makes it more important than ever to talk about Jesus Dave Strattons new book will help you rediscover the joy of talking with people you love about the person you love Brian D McLaren author of The Great Spiritual Migration David Stratton has written a winsome accessible entry point for those who might consider Jesus afresh He does so with an easy good humor He is pedagogically aware so he helps a novice reader along In all this is a valuable helpful vehicle for fresh conversation Walter Brueggemann Columbia Theological Seminary Pastor Dave Stratton helps the church to find the right words to talk about a subject thats tough for us to speak about Jesus Heres a practical concise presentation that will equip todays Christians to say to the world the most important word the church has to say to the world Jesus This book will enable us to say the trut
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