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ISBN: 9781456633233 Géneros: Sinópsis: God has incredible rewards waiting for His people Jesus Christ taught that all Christians should seek to be rewarded when we enter heaven We will receive our rewards from God based on our actions on earth As we know these actions cannot earn us heaven That only occurs by grace through faith However on our first day in heaven our earthly actions after salvation are evaluated by God in order to determine the magnificent rewards He will give usDid you know that the Bible describes our rewards and the exact actions we are to carry out in order to receive them In the New Testament the apostle Paul uses the Old Testament examples of the Tabernacle and Day of Atonement ceremony to teach us which actions called gifts we can bring to God for our rewards Paul also teaches us that the Tabernacle and the Day of Atonement conceal the secret of what our first day in heaven will be likeWe work hard in this life to retire well Yet earthly retirement lasts for a short time Our life in heaven will last for an eternity Don’t you want it to be a wellrewarded time
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