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Sinopsis de SYRIA

Take a photographic journey into the Syrian conflict and see how those who have stayed in the country, as well as the refugees in the camps of Lebanon and Jordan, are trying their best to survive. You will also gain a personal insight into the moderate rebels who gave me unfettered access to their lives. The images of daily life in Aleppo illustrate how the people continue their lives as best they can, despite the ever present threat of bombs. This book will show you a side of the conflict that is not commonly known. This book is about giving a voice to those who have lost so much. I went to Syria with no idea of what to expect, I j ust wanted to capture with my camera the things I would see. This isn t a typical war photography book, it is more about telling the story of people. Those who are trying to survive in a war zone and those who have fled to refugee camps. This book is about giving a voice to those who have lost so much._,
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