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The sun is dying. The temperature around the world is rising by the hour with no sign of any respite. At this rate the planet will soon become uninhabitable, all life extinguished. It might be weeks away, it might be days… we may only have hours remaining. Society is crumbling. The burning world is descending into chaos. Steven Johnsons wife is hundreds of miles away and all that matters is reaching her before the end. He has to act now, no time to stop and think. Every second is precious. Tomorrow is too late. An engaging and heart-breaking read – Moody is the go-to-guy for extraordinary stories starring ordinary people -Wayne Simmons, author of Plastic Jesus and Flu He brings to mind old Brit horror writer James Herbert. And that is some recommendation -London Lite David Moody spins paranoia into a deliciously dark new direction -Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero and Rot and Ruin_,
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