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ISBN: 9781912587162 Géneros: Sinópsis: Paul Hayles biography is a fast moving story deeply embedded in the music and entertainment business With some very famous friends bands and tours Paul takes us through what it was like working with the greats and living to tell the tale Paul Hayles never wanted to be in a cult rock band like Hawkwind and yet there he was the shy father of two setting out on a journey that would take him away from his young family and make his wildest dreams come true Paul knew Lemmy Kilmister from way back both had auditioned for the same band back before Hawkwind came together Lemmy had just left Hawkwind to form Motorhead so the band was in a changing phase and so was Paul Playing in bands had been something Paul chose to do as a hobby to begin with in addition to his day job of teaching children with behaviour problems He played in a local band Ark and thought it was just his weekly night out away from the restraints of his daily life But suddenly out of the blue there he was playing in Sonic Assassins Hawkwind and then on tour in the USA with the Kings of Space Rock He made the most of it in the world of sex drugs and rock 39n roll They traversed America meeting and hanging out with other bands such as Van Halen and the Blockheads and even eating and chatting with one of his heroes David Bowie His life was far from what he had ever imagined All things come to and end and Paul moved his family to France where they rented a small farm and tried the selfsufficiency life before returning to teaching He continued playing in bands now with the confidence to compose and sing and used the Hawkwind connection to get All Area Access entry to concerts by bands such as Pink Floyd and U2 and even got to play with the Topper Headon Band exClash So his musical ambitions although put aside for the sake of his beloved family were still there under the surface In the 9039s back in the UK he returned to the world of boarding schools for ex
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