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ISBN: 9781640966185 Géneros: Sinópsis: A job loss that led to an adventureA fifteenyearold young man named Sodao Colasta was given a job and trained at the police station after putting a stop on a criminal when he lost a job He ended up going on the adventure heading to four different cities by the order of the president of Dominican Republic where the crime boss had ordered the mafia to invade the cities in question after rescuing a prisonerWith a personal transportation called the hover scooter Sodao travel to four affected cities throughout Dominican Republic where he assisted each one of the local city mayor in putting a stop on each one of the mafia who are attacking the cities and get the medallionsWith four medallions handed from each one of the affected cities upon defeating the mafia attacking Sodao ended up at the grand altar only to discover what source of power the mafia boss uses to rule the mafia Even so Sodao will do whatever it takes to defeat the mafia boss and put a stop on the source that controlled the mafia
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