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ISBN: 9781951429256 Géneros: Sinópsis: Do you want to learn how to reach millions of potential buyers for your business using the power of social mediaThere is no denying the sense of freedom and potential for success you get in owning your own business Not only will you have the ability to be your own boss but the amount that you could earn has no limitsBut you need to understand that Visibility is an important factor in becoming successful in business especially online And this visibility can be made certain through proven marketing strategiesSocial Media is growing at an exponential rate and is quickly becoming the best and cheapest way for businesses to advertise on Reaching potential customers through social media sites is fairly straightforward and you dont need a marketing degree to learn howAs of 2018 there are an estimated 246 billion social media users around the world distributed to sites like Facebook Instagram Twitter and even YouTubeWith such a wide potential market it would be foolish not to tap into this new segmentBut like anything else youre learning for the first time social media marketing can be like traversing the Wild West There are common mistakes that you want to avoid and the mistakes could be costlyThis book will help you master the art of social media marketingIt will guide you through the most important aspects which includesThe basics of social media marketingHow to set up your social media pages correctlyThe difference between organic free and paid marketing strategies and which one is best for youOptimizing marketing resultsHow to integrate public relations to your social media marketing strategiesCuttingedge brand building strategiesHow to reach millions of potential customers for your businessStories and case studies of how the best online marketers used social media to grow their businessesAnd much moreEvery essential bit of information you will need will be covered simply straight to the point and absolutely no
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