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ISBN: 9780578529790 Géneros: Sinópsis: This is the story of one man’s voyage around the world Over a period of five years and a distance of 45000 nautical miles twice earth’s equatorial circumference  the author aboard his 105foot expedition motor yacht with a crew of six encountered new friends and new places faced danger including armed pirates had a hex cast upon him was stormtossed and much much more yet he survived to tell the story Most of all his voyage was a wondrous escapadeESCAPADE n A lark a caper a fling a SLOW BOAT NEKKID event Okay maybe that definition ain’t in the Webster’s but it ought to be The author reminds us that the superficial seriousness of daily life leaves us sadly empty of what may be the rarest sensation on earth FUNThis book and the voyage it recounts is all about having FUN Reading it will put a hitch in your step and a kissmybutt attitude on your face Welcome to frivolity
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